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Meet our Team

Sarah Paine

Owner & Designer
I’m Sarah, founder of the Reclaimed Glam Market. My passion is creating the best quality handmade art and decor for your home. I have a degree in Interior Design as well as a Masters in Business. Reclaimed Glam is a natural intersection of my skills and passions and a way that I can create value for my customers!

Anne Paine

Antiques Merchant
I’m Anne and I have been involved in antiques for over 40 years. From trade shows to auction houses and everything in between, I have an eye for the unique. I enjoy refinishing and repurposing furniture and other collectibles. I hope you find pieces in Anne’s Antiques that inspire you as you design your home or place of business!

Courtney Huff

Hi, I’m Courtney and I love to design and craft wood furniture and other home items. I come from a family that’s passionate about building unique and traditional pieces of furniture for our family and friends. As it turns out, I have that same passion! I’m happy to be able to offer you my products on Reclaimed Glam Market. Enjoy!

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