October 14, 2016

All About Courtney!

fullsizer3Courtney of Courtney’s Corner

Hey guys, welcome to Courtney’s Corner!

Just a little bit about me: I’m a counselor, helping children and adults through crisis and daily life. I’ve found it takes lots of creativity and ingenuity to help people work through the ups and the downs of everyday life… And I love it!! So in my down time I have found another passion of mine and way to unwind, by building uniquely crafted pieces of furniture, giant jenga sets and household decorations. I come from a family that loves building unique and traditional pieces of furniture for our family and friends. As it turned out, I have the same passion as those in my family, so I want to bring my creations to you! Enjoy!

We’re so excited that Courtney has a new addition to her family, baby Aubrey! Courtney will be taking a break for a little while from producing her awesome products. We look forward to her return!